sexta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2010

Canto do Cisne.

As pessoas de Donegal estão em estado de choque.  

Ou de saco cheio? 

 O saco está roto e sem nada? 

O dinheiro que lá estava era suposto ser para quê? 

 Diga?  Não percebi mesmo. Para quê? 


  Friday, 5 November 2010

Posted by Let Amaral Speak! at 04:23

"The Canaries Are Beginning To Sing ........ " And contrary to even attempting to recover any of this £300,000, he has quite firmly stated that the matter of Halligen is "closed". Or maybe not. Yesterday, Westminster Magistrates Court ordered the extradition of Halligen to the US, where he is wanted by the FBI for a £1.2million wire fraud in relation to the Trafigura scandal. 

Halligen now has four weeks to appeal. What other songs might the canary start to sing?"

( se não morrer primeiro de morte " acidental") 

Of course, for the McCanns Fund, it may well turn out to be a swan song.

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