terça-feira, 30 de novembro de 2010

Por que não te calas Philomena?

older sister Philomena McCann, 46, who lives at Ullapool in Wester Ross and is head of social subjects at the local high school

 8-9-2007 - Shut Philomena McCann Up!

Update 20h21 GMT: Read in Chocolate how Philomena lied to the press. Click

I can't believe a lot of the UK press has picked up on a statement made by Aunt Philomena about Kate being asked to make a deal with the Judiciary Police if she pleaded guilty to accidentally killing Madeleine. I saw this on Portuguese TV last night and the police said it a joke. I can't prove it, but I always believed the questioning fell under the secrecy banner. Yet, over and over her words are repeated as gospel.

.......... I can only hope Philomena stops talking. She's not helping. It's that old protesting too much bit. .............

These people are imbeciles
--Philomena McCann

Brenda Stardom
Portugal - 9h16 GMT

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