terça-feira, 9 de novembro de 2010

" belíssimos progenitores" - Madeleine may be closer to the UK

TruthForMadeleine | 10 de Agosto de 2009
Proof that Madeleine McCann is dead from an unlikely source: The McCanns' own spokesman!

TruthForMadeleine | 2 de Julho de 2009
Interviewed a week after the dogs were brought in and blood traces were found, the McCanns did this interview. Does Gerry give a little Freudian Slip here when he mentions murder? Look at his tell-tale "gulp" near the end.

TruthorLies26 | 4 de Maio de 2008
Clip taken from the Mccann's first interview
with BBC's Jane Hill

TruthForMadeleine | 16 de Maio de 2009
RTE Interview slowed down to highlight Gerry McCann's displeasure when Kate says Madeleine may be closer to the UK.

TruthForMadeleine | 17 de Maio de 2009
Gerry McCann says "Everything we've done during the last 100 days focused on, err, the belief that Madeleine was alive when she was abducted"

Why would he say this? Surely nobody would abduct a dead child?

TruthForMadeleine | 19 de Maio de 2009
In this radio interview, Philomena McCann just doesn't know when to keep quiet. Talking too much doesn't help at all. Or does it? Listen for yourself how she quickly corrects herself after saying that the twins haven't been told where Madeleine is. Staggering stuff.

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