sexta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2010


"....Louise Shorter and her quest for the truth....Louise, I want to believe the Orees plight will be told without slants and other agendas. I want someone to write with their heart so the British public may know what it means to have been driven by lies to take your life. I want the public to feel how it was when your child was ripped from your arms when you were innocent of all allegations against you. I guess what I am asking Louise, is for you to 'tell it like it is'." 

Louise Shorter, ex-researcher for the BBC has approached and asked some of the families whose lives have been destroyed byJim Gamble and the police investigation Operation Ore if they would be  prepared to be interviewed before the hearing November 11th. The Orees, I am glad to say have  refused and agree they will only talk with the media after the appeal hearing.


The BBC have always been extremely biased and a great supporter of Jim Gamble claiming Operation Ore was a complete success.
I hope when  the Orees choose a journalist to air the truth of what really happened, they do not involve the BBC who may even after the appeal, slant the case once more . The timing is suspect with the hearing  days away and I do not trust Louise Shorter at this moment in time.  " 

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