sexta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2010

Assustar as Crianças

McCanns frighten children

July 5, 2007

"On Sunday, because it was raining, I took my daughter to the cinema. It was only her third trip: Shrek the Third was a U, and the critics all agreed on its overwhelming, stultifying blandness. Perfect. My daughter was sitting up straight, mouth full of popcorn, when the lights went down. As we watched the ads for computer games and people-carriers, I could feel her vaccuuming it all up: the dark, the volume, the extraordinary size of the pictures. 

Then the screen was filled with a child’s face. There was absolutely nothing I could do. My daughter stopped eating as the story of Madeleine .......... " 


Mas cá, há pelo menos uma Menina que nem consegue ouvir falar no nome da Pequenina. Os progenitores de M. estragaram a vida Familiar desta Criança Portuguesa. Chorou e sofreu muito.

Chorou  bastante mas de alegria no dia em que um Tribunal Português repôs a decência. 

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