quinta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2010

Após vários anos de estudo e da prática da profissão....

Anonymous said...5
After many years of University and after practicing laws, Isabel Duarte went as low as Kate, in intelligence.
It is contagious.
Who is damishing the investigation?Amaral?
But who did not answer the 48 questions? I guess Amaral too.
If the McCanns were so interested in the investigation, why did they leave Portugal 48 hours after being made arguidos?They should have stayed in Luz, helping the police.
They never did it.
Amaral making money? At least he worked for it and did not cheat people in the UK to make him rich.
The book written on purpose to make the McCanns fell more pain?
What about Madeleine's pain at the last moments of her short life?
How come this stupid conclusion of damishing the investigation?
Did the McCanns ask for reopening of the process and the book disturbed the reopening? 
As far as I know, the investigation is frozen till the parents request for reopening of the process.

But they don't want that, do they?
They want money.
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