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À procura na Alemanha. Mas, já vem de longe.....

An article from a German magazine only weeks after the 'alleged' abduction of Madeleine.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Germany and the McCanns looking for Mr.X.

An article from a German magazine only weeks after the 'alleged' abduction of Madeleine. 

Reading between the lines (no pun intended) the German people are a very serious nation and not easily fooled. 

Already pointing out an inconsistancy in the McCanns story.

Reading on, the observant reporter noticed as the McCanns were leaving, a woman standing at the entrance handed Dr.McCann a note 'Information' she whispered.

'A Norwegian tourist told them she saw a blonde child wearing pyjamas'

I remember how later ,after the death of Doris Stokes, (who claimed she spoke to dead children) it was revealed people in the audience were paid to claim they were the parents. Doris Stokes was a charlatan.

I had the very same feeling now when reading of a woman handing the McCanns information,  all just part of the act. Charlatans.

Why are you searching in Germany? a reporter asks.

"According to the experts, the Algarve is especially popular among the Germans and the Dutch, next to the British," says McCann, speaking in a hard Scottish accent.


Translated from the German by Christopher Sult


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