quarta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2010


"Yes we are all smiling about the news that has broken and we want justice for Goncalo Amaral,

but I do wonder if it would be best to let the publishers sue for damages and for him not to sue or even receive damages."

..........."I think the objective of getting the book out to the public in English would be a better way to go forward than sit and work out how much damages . I think promoting the book with new chapters in all languages would soon recoup some of the losses in non sales during this last year.

Yes Goncalo has been wronged and his family paid the ultimate price, which included possible financial ruin, but sometimes it takes a big man to take things on the chin and not react especially if that reaction could ultimately defeat your agenda and your agenda is getting the truth of what happened out in print so the people of the world can read.

Unfortunately we are still dealing with the British Media and those are the ones that are scared shiteless of the likes of Carter Ruck….. I hope I am totally wrong, but going on past evidence on the way the British press report and even down to yesterday when the world was reporting this and the British Press waited 8 hours, somehow, this does not leave me with the confidence of this being reported fairly.

As I have just told a good friend:

I think people are deserting them, but Mitchell has a lot to lose, yes in the beginning he could say he was duped but not after all these years, it will never be believed. A lot of people are going to have egg on their faces, including the press, through the McCanns and it is those that are now going to fight for survival."


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