sábado, 9 de outubro de 2010

Potting (10 questões) and headlines2day.(Tráfico humano.)

" Or in other words, gobsmackers or things that made my jaw drop. To be honest, there are far more than 10 things, but these are just off the top of my head...

Random Photographs
There are many to choose from, but those infamous 'happy' photos taken outside the church in Praia de Luz on the 12th May 2007, just 9 days after .............. "

Ler mais, em inglês, na ligação acima indicada.


Baby left for night in car seat choked to death
By Georgina O’Halloran
Friday October 08 2010

The Trade in Human Beings: Human Trafficking in the UK

e o 2º volume:

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