sexta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2010

Palavras......... frases............

" Jim Gamble is today, Thursday 14th October attending the 'Leave me Alone' conference at the Village Hotel in Bury. I see no rush in reporting this event. I wonder if he has a BBC reporter on board to show..."

" It has come to my attention that a BBC Researcher has appraoched someone wanting to do a piece on the up and coming ORE hearing. It is well known no publicity with journalists until after the appeal has..."

" Ed Balls it seems gave a character witness to a Doctor who told one lie after another. I fail therefore to see Balls having any good judgement in who should be heading CEOP. Gamble lied under Oath and was..."

" John Stalker raised his head from all the followers and made a comment ' The McCanns are hiding a big secret'. John Stalker and the BBC when it had a mind of its own and was into investigative journalism...."

" Or as in this case, think of one child. Madeleine, ICON for CEOP has anyone noticed not her parents nor the ex head of CEOP Jim Gamble, have ever mentioned a word of this child and her suffering. What pa..."


" Madeleine McCann now the ICON of CEOP one must ask ourselves why...Madeleine was not a victim of ONLINE paedophile abuse, or any abuse at all for that matter...her father says evidence that she ha..."

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