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Oscar Wilde - 16 de Outubro

Nome completoOscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde
Nascimento16 de outubro de 1854
Dublin, Reino Unido da Grã-Bretanha e Irlanda
Morte30 de novembro de 1900
Nacionalidade Irlanda

Bem, como cheguei do Blacksmith ao MMF e ao Dr. Martin Roberts e aqui, a Oscar Wilde.

De manhã já tinha lido do dia de nascimento de Oscar Wilde, a 16 de Outubro.

Nenhum homem é suficientemente rico para comprar o seu passado
Tema: Riqueza

Fui ler o que estava no

e, cheguei ao MMF............... e, daqui retirei partes de comentários

The only way that Gerry and Kate can ever exonorate themselves is by co-operating with the Police, and proving that Dr Amaral's theory is worthless.

Because Blacksmith is absolutely right. There can never, ever be closure - and we will never go away, either - while questions remain unanswered. And I don't just mean Kate-48, neither.

To keep pressure on the McCanns and not letting them alone.

I found it very interesting and very clear and logical demonstration of the impossibility of supporting the abduction theory.Also it shows how a reopening of the case can never be based on the terms of the McCanns.

I agree it is well worth persevering with it because it shows very well what a dodgy position the McCanns and their friends have maintained. It isn't just bile or bitterness but clearly presented logic.


"I was reading on one of the blogs just the other day that the McCanns wanted to call 25 Witnesses , Friends and Staff from PDL to testify

how much they loved their children and were good Parents."


McCanns’ plea over 25 witnesses:


October 21, 2007

Margarette Driscoll

( http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/europe/article2702285.ece)




Cheguei então a:

http://www.mccannfiles.com/id301.html e, daqui novamente a

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