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Os mal afamados tablóides de Uk.


Court Decision to overturn McCann ruling on the ban of Goncalo Amaral’s book
(The Truth in the Lie)

Although I’ve been aware of the ban on Mr Amaral’s book (The truth in the lie) having been overturned by the Appeal Courts, I’ve held off from posting anything on 'Little Morsals' for several days. Sometimes it’s better to see how the News unfolds on a situation first and then do the research, but perhaps even more importantly, waiting for the words of the judges concerned in the case to surface.

During these days of silence, whilst keeping a watchful eye on the British news, I’ve noticed something specific. The British tabloids seemed to have focused on one aspect of the overruling. It appears they've concentrated on the only part which may be misconstrued as Mr Amaral’s book being returned to the bookshelves purely because Portugal believes in the freedom of speech or, more specifically, the freedom of expression.

What the British tabloids failed to report is that it was not only the freedom of expression which overturned the original ruling to ban the book (instigated by the McCann couple) but perhaps more importantly, that the panel of Appeal judges (judges Francisco Bruto da Costa, Catarina Arelo Mando and António Valente) did not find anything in Mr Amaral's book (the Truth in the Lie) that was not in the Police Files. In other words, the facts laid out in Mr Amaral’s book are from the official PJ Files.

What the British tabloids also failed to mention is the following statements made by the panel of judges:

"Concerning the applicants' (the McCann couple's) protection of private life, it is themselves who give multiple interviews and intervene in the media, offering them [the media] information that would otherwise hardly be published" and that "they voluntarily decided to limit their right to the intimacy of private life, in order to pursue higher values like the discovery of their daughter’s whereabouts".

Nonetheless, in doing so, "they opened the doors for others to give their opinion about the matter, in accordance to what they were saying, but eventually also in contradiction with their directions, yet always within a legitimate and constitutionally consecrated right of opinion and freedom of expression of thought".

No wonder I have lost faith in the British press. If they cannot report the whole truth then they should not bother at all...unless of course, this was a deliberate attempt by the mainstream media to manipulate the public into believing an abduction scenario which has no substance at all, and that Mr Amaral's book is fiction from beginning to end. If so, then the question begs: Who is behind all this manipulation and why?

Nice one Spud gun - your analysis is right on the money, again.
Let's hope to see some real progress in this case now.


Anónimo dijo...

Time is the worse McCanns handicap. The most advertised small girl seems to vanished in the air as there is not a reliable sightseeing anywhere that deserves (inter) national police credibility. 

Worse than that - there is not a SINGLE evidence of abduction. Not a trace was left behind.

Abduction trace I may say...because there are others... How is that? This case is an absolute mystery, isn't it?. 

I believe the police will have the last role in this tragedy...reaching the goal...not leaving a SINGLE stone unturned...don't you agree?

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