quinta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2010

Não admira que haja silêncio ...

" October 21, 2010 — Bren

No wonder there is silence……

"On the reports that are coming out in Portugal, no wonder there is silence, there is a great impact on the libel trial, if I am interpreting this right. The appeal judges have said according to the article below, that there is nothing in the book that is not in the Police Files and the opinion of the book is the opinion of the author and it is within in human rights to have an opinion.

Now this is quite an impacting statement, if this decision can and its findings are found for a temporary injunction then the same fundamental reasoning has to be used for a libel trial. This again has a great impact, the ruling I suspect basically states that you decided to put your family in front of the media, and therefore you made yourself open for the public to form an opinion.

Now my take of it is this,......."

"Oh don’t you just love the European Court of Human Rights and what is Britain part of the European Court, now I wonder what impact this is going to have and I wonder how many newspaper lawyers are now wading through judgements to see what they can and can not print, especially if the McCanns decide not to pursue the libel and even if they do, reporters will be given free reign to report, after all it will be written in such a way that it an opinion of a journalist and not a statement of fact.

This judgement will not affect just the McCann case, it could and probably would affect anybody that puts themselves in front of the media spotlight, all these super injunctions could start to be overturned. Invasion of privacy is one thing but this ruling is basically saying if you put yourself and your family out there in front of the cameras, don’t cry foul when someone says something you don’t like, after all it was you that put yourself in the media spotlight.

Just think of the newspaper revenue if the journalists hands are untied….."

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