quarta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2010

Na minha varanda

On my front porch bringing you the headlines today ...


" Well Done Theresa May

After writing and reading many articles on this blog and on various forums and sites I am thankful to Theresa May for standing her ground and putting the CEOP under a National Crime Agency that will be run in an organisation that will have a code of conduct. An organisation that will have to conduct it’s enquiries within Home Office Criminal Investigative Guidelines, an organisation that will be answerable not only to Government but to the people as well.

Why many of you may ask? Well let’s cast our minds back to Operation Ore, something that Jim Gamble was involved in. Many men were convicted of child pornography when infact they were actual victims of credit card fraud. The person that uncovered this fraud Jim Bates also suffered at the hands of Jim Gamble and Colin Port. Yes google and even search this blog and you will find the answers, but the point I am making is that something that more and more of us are falling victim to, credit card fraud especially online, is something that can have far more serious consequences. Read more…"

Jim Gamble, CEOP, wonder if it is all about the money?

" Is he really leaving under principle? Or is he leaving because of something else? Those are the questions that many people are asking today.

The row over CEOP is raging on, with even more threats of resignations should the Government decide to continue and amalgamate CEOP with the new National Crime Agency. Read more…"

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