quarta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2010

Mcs e Tapas venham cá para que o Caso se resolva


Why not?

" The McCann strategy that has been in place since October 2007 – to silence the expression of all doubts within the UK about their conduct, using all the resources at their disposal, has failed."

The McCanns have had undeniable tactical successes in the last three years: using...

..... perhaps surprisingly, have shown little antagonism on their increasingly frequent visits to that country.

Íamos fazer o quê se as fronteiras são livres. Se vêm tantos indesejados, descobertos pelos Jornais e sempre nas secções de crime e, depois mais estes.....

The checklist.............

And the price............

" There is one particularly notable omission from this list of triumphs:

Madeleine McCann." De acordo! Aliás, quase porque os Portugueses lamentam sempre e muito tudo o que acontece de mau às Crianças.

......... (G.A.) is the only person actually working for the re-opening of the case in order to discover what happened to the child.

Há mais quem queira e trabalhe para tal!

" With the developments in the Portuguese courts the likelihood is that the libel case against Amaral cannot be fully resolved before 2012 at the earliest. Whatever happens the Truth of the Lie will always be available over the internet. And there is nothing to suggest that a live Madeleine McCann will turn up."

Muito provável!

Everyone wins

" The answer is there, staring them in the face: volunteering to return to Portugal with their friends. Even looking at the worst possible case none of them would be at risk: there is no real stomach amongst their critics to see any of them punished if they incriminated themselves in some way."

As Rachael Oldfield said in another context, “well, everyone’s a winner really.”

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