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McAustralia e McUk Casos antigos e difamação

  • From:Sunday Herald Sun
  • October 24, 2010 12:00AM

  • Em 2008:

    ".......An initial Portuguese autopsy report also suggests Jacinta's death was a murder.
    There are signs highly probable of defense being the elements of the autopsy suggestive of homicide with data that favour extreme violence highly difficult to attribute to the self ... ," a translation reads.

    Despite those reports, the Portuguese police closed the investigation and passed the case on to the Interior Ministry as a diplomatic matter."

    Did she know too much?

    One theory about Jacinta's death was that she found out something that cost her life.

    The area where she lived is a trafficking route from North Africa and the Middle East for the illegal trade in drugs - mostly hashish - and also in stolen children.

    Claro, já cá faltava a McVersão.

    The village of Sao Bras de Alportel is 30km from the resort of Praia de Luz where British child Maddy McCann disappeared. Claro, já cá faltava a McVersão.

    Her family said child smuggling was an issue Jacinta was concerned about and might have spoken up about.

    "Jacinta may have stumbled across something," brother Cameron said.

    "She left a note for someone saying she was leaving and she did not know how things would work out and asked that they forgive her, but the police construed it as a suicide note," he said. Claro, já cá faltava a McVersão.

    "It wasn't a suicide note - she was scared of something. Claro, já cá faltava a McVersão.

    "Jacinta may have stumbled across something." Óbvio! Não era só saber, mas que teria ela ainda a pagar de dívidas, se fosse consumidora?

    McAustralianos e McEscoceses e McUkanianos : vão para outro lado. Vão todos para a Austrália, por ex;

    "Tortura a escocês semelhante a actos praticados por criminosos turcos. Ingleses amputaram dedos a vítima para mostrar quem liderava o tráfico."

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