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Livro de G.A. ; Madeleine e Etzan Patz

……….  Frankly I must admit I felt something was wrong with the investigations when no one suspected of any other scenario but the kidnapping after knowing that a group of parents  use to dine in a restaurant leaving all their children alone sleeping in their apartments. 

If one tried to put himself in all those parents` position it is easy to realize that if some accident had occurred during the time they were at the restaurant they all would immediately feel guilty of what happened and I believe it is possible to conceive they could all try to minimize the damage doing everything to make it look like a kidnapping. Of course this is all hypotheses and does not prove anything by it self.

…………….  So it is interesting to know some of the facts that were determined during investigations which were never brought to "day light". It is important to remember that those facts still does not show us exactly what happened to Maddie that night but one thing it is for sure: they do show us what did not happened.
There are several occurrences that happened both on that distressing day as well as on the following weeks that show how the kidnapping assumption does not make much sense:
  • The kidnapping theory was defended by Maddie´s parents from the beginning.
  • Among the group ……………..

……………… There are people saying that this book has the intention to accuse Maddie´s parents of her dead but after reading it carefully I think that is not true. There is not a single word in this book stating that they have killed her. But it is also true that this does not mean they do not know what happened that day and tried to hide it……..

……………  After one week Mark Harrison made a report where he stated that there were large possibilities of Madeleine being dead and her body concealed somewhere around the area. It was also him who advised for the need to get help from dogs specialized in finding dead bodies.
It is also interesting to know that from the vast experience of Mark Harrison in cases of homicides of under 5 years old victims in the UK since 1960 there were 1528 cases in which 82% of them were committed by the parents and 96% were committed by persons with close relations with the victims. Only 4% were committed by people not known by the victims."

Thursday, October 28, 2010

" The McCanns and their thirst to connect and use any child to make it appear like their alleged abduction. The two cases could not be further apart. But hey do'nt let that stop them."

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