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Chris Saltrese Solicitors is able to provide advice to individuals and institutions faced with historic civil claims for alleged sexual abuse.

Chris Saltrese Solicitors is a specialist firm providing a nationwide premium quality service in one of the most complex, misunderstood and anxiety-provoking areas of criminal law – contested sexual offence allegations.

Chris Saltrese Solicitors first came to national prominence representing clients accused during historic care home investigations. Through a method that has become known as police 'trawling', many teachers and care workers of exemplary character were falsely accused of serious sexual crimes allegedly committed decades ago.

We were the lead firm representing many former staff accused through the long-running North Wales Tribunal of Inquiry (Waterhouse).

Since then we have represented clients facing diverse criminal allegations nationwide and have specialist expertise in historic and multiple allegations both domestic and institutional. This includes allegations concerning

* children and teenagers
* adult relationship and date rape claims
* claims against professionals
* internet pornography related allegations

We can assist at any stage in the criminal process

* Pre- and at Trial
* On Appeal - conviction and sentence
* Criminal Cases Review Commission
* Judicial review

We also handle evidentially complex cases of serious crime including murder and arson.

We also offer a service in relation to the contested inclusion of allegations in Enhanced Criminal Record Certificates.

Chris Saltrese gave evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee inquiry on allegations of abuse in children's homes. This landmark report highlighted care home cases as contributing to a new genre of miscarriage of justice.

This is a concern that extends beyond the institutional cases, and is a major reason for Chris Saltrese Solicitors' specialisation in the field of contested sexual offence allegations.

Our specialist consultants include:

Margaret Jervis, who has researched and analysed contested sexual allegations for over twenty years in a legal and social framework.

Oliver Cyriax, a leading family law reformer and adviser, who is the author of our Operation Ore appeal template.

Chris Saltrese Solicitors hold a Legal Services Commission General Criminal Contract.

PLEASE NOTE that due to severe legal aid restrictions, now means-tested, on trial representation, it may only be possible to provide an adequate service through private funding. If successful, clients are entitled to costs recovery.

Registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority No. 427899
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