sexta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2010

Gonçalo Amaral

" Dr.Goncalo Amaral could take the words Sinatra crooned and use them for his own  'I took the blows, but I did it my way'. 

Three Portuguese Judges combined with the faith  Dr. Amaral  always had in the judicial system (although at times it seemed to let him down) have stated the investigation was right to make the McCanns arguidos.  

 The McCanns now silent. Clarence Mitchell, wonderful to no longer hear his voice , long may the silence reign. 

 No more the mantra 'There is no evidence Madeleine has come to any serious harm' No more slip ups from Clarence Mitchell 'The McCanns are not responsible for Madeleines death' ANORAK saying they were right all along.

 ANORAK,  who are best known for calling Madeleine by their affectionate term 'Our Maddie' 

Maybe they could go one step further and ask the McCanns , where is 'Our Maddie?' 

 It has been too long and it is time she came home."

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O Amor pelos Filhos.

There is no greater love than to have your child love you. To wake and see your childs eyes full of trust, look at you and smile. Your child will love you forever, even after your death. A childs love is yours, everlasting.
Your child is your future , your present and your past. Your child is forever in your heart, like a constant heartbeat, she will never go away.

Madeleine Beth had this love for her mother. 

Whatever happened that dreadful night Madeleine would have died loving her mother , 

but Kate was only looking for a way out, Madeleines love soon forgotten.
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