terça-feira, 5 de outubro de 2010

Fran Lyon e mais outro caso

e os SS de Uk( serviços sociais............)

UKSecretCourts | 12 de Janeiro de 2008

The True Story of Fran Lyon **HAPPENING NOW**

Fran has had to flee the UK, to protect her unborn child from Social Services, who would adopt her daughter 10 minutes after birth.

Good Luck, Fran! Keep Running!

If you see Fran, Can you help protect her?

John Hemming MP has raised an EDM about her case.

How damaging to the United Kingdom is the Governments policies of
- secret courts
- forced adoption
- adoption targets
- paying local authorities £millions (in effect selling children)
- we need open courts
- we need CAFCASS and social services to be openly challenged by medical experts
- SHOUT on a GLOBAL scale until we get this.

We salute John Hemming!

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