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Em tons de púrpura

"Jez sees Jane at 8.30

.......... that she was wearing the colour purple."...........

....... " There has been a lot of talk on the forums about a photograph of Kate McCann having changed her clothes that evening. When it appears it was not Kate who changed her outfit but Jane Tanner. Jane claims to have borrowed a fleece from her partner Russell O'Brian and insists she was not wearing jeans."


"Assisting Jane out of a Tight Spot
The media have been wonderful in helping the McCanns out of a tight spot. Here we have a witness who wishes to remain anonymous explaining that she saw a woman wearing a plum coloured top hanging around outside the McCanns one hour before Madeleiene disappeared.

There was of course no witness but Jane Tanner as seen by Jez Wilkins wearing the colour purple or as this woman suggests plum. Jane with her long dark could be taken for Portuguese.

Implying Jez was mistaken.



" - Prompted about the routine during the holiday period, she clarifies that she usually took breakfast in their apartment, since the Restaurant "MILLENNIUM" was quite removed from the building in which she was staying.

Again Millenium was part of the package deal but Dianne chose not to breakfast there for reasons she has given.

- Still, she explains, on May 2, the eve of disappearance of MADELEINE she had taken her breakfast in the restaurant "MILLENNIUM", since it was raining that day and she did not have an opportunity to partake of the morning sports."....

In return, she points out that several families who made up the group met in the PAYNE's apartment to have lunch together, explaining that this was due to the fact that it is the larger apartment.

- After lunch the children took a nap, usually staying in her care, since they [the adults] went with the PAYNEs to continue with, together, the leisure activities to which the holidays were dedicated.

Therefore it was Dianne who took care of all children while the adults enjoyed the activities.

..... " Gerald and MATT had not been in the restaurant along with the other members of the group.

- In this regard, asked specifically whether, on the journey to the restaurant, if they had passed either of the two individuals described in the preceding paragraph, she answered categorically not."

......... " , except for RUSSELL who had left the restaurant and taken a little more time than usual due to, from what she knows, his daughter had been sick."

....... " She clarifies that the practice was for each couple to check their own children, it not being usual for anyone to check the children of other couples.

Then why the change, checking the McCanns children on May 3rd?

- The question asked, she thinks that up to the date of the disappearance it had never happened that anyone had entered the apartment of another couple in order to check their offspring."

Comment: Did they want Dianne out of the way so asked her to go and check on the children? Very little interest in their own children, if as claimed an abductor was walking the streets.

Source: Pamalam


D.P. e R.M. :

Dianne Webster said David Payne was in the apartment along with Fiona.

Charlotte Pennington said she saw Robert Murat the same evening.

Could anyone swear on oath and say who was who, if neither men were known to you ?


M.O 4.5.2007:

" ..... In the morning, the group woke between 6.30 and 8am and that they all went on foot to the, "Millennium," around 10 minutes from the complex. That only Madeleine's parents, Madeleine and the twins had breakfast in their apartment due to the fact that they have three very small children.

Comment : Again this could explain the McCanns did not have the package deal to include breakfast.

Comment: Dianne Webster in her statement explained the children went to the Paynes apartment and she cared for them while they had a nap so the adults could go and have fun. (MATT NOT QUITE TELLING THE TRUTH)

Source Pamalam

M.O. 10.5.2007

[M Oldfield's Statement 10th May
Again, there were several omissions from, and errors in, the original Portuguese. I corrected those that I found. Also, much of the Portuguese statement is written with a convoluted 'future + past' verb construct that attributes an 'uncertainty' to the words, whereas I have translated much of it in a non-literal manner to make it read more definitively. Hence, the reader must understand that neither the Portuguese nor my translation necessarily constitute the exact words spoken by Oldfield.
If you read MO's Rogatory Letter testimony you will get a sense of the difficulty the Portuguese interpreter faced when listening to this man.]

Source: Pamalam
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