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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fiona Payne Statement 4th May 2007
Fiona Elaine Payne
Date: 2007.05.04

Time: 19H20

She comes to the process as a witness, and as part of the group that travelled to Portugal with the parents of Madeleine. She is married ............She knows that the couple has three children, twins who are two years of age and Madeleine, who was almost four years old. "

Comment: twins spoken in present tense , Madeleine in past.

( Once again the breakfast , part of the OC package deal). Who would turn away a free breakfast already paid for?)

During dinner, as they were in a possession of a “baby monitor”, they did not go to the apartment to check on their children and would only do so if they heard any strange noises or crying.............

Comment: Fiona at no time mentions Jane was not at the table, Jane claims she was in her apartment when she heard the news about Madeleine.

Comment: So what is Fiona saying she would go with a stranger if she was very tired ?

............ Comment : Fiona does not mentions jeans, or length of hair.

During this holiday period she never noticed anything strange or relevant to the facts in question.
She has no other elements to offer the investigation.
No more was said.

Reads, ratifies, signs.

Source : Pamalam


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