domingo, 31 de outubro de 2010

Boa sorte, Gonçalo Amaral

saturday, 30 october 2010

NO Truth of the Lie in the UK.... by Spudgun

.........  "I, (along with many others, I am sure), wish Mr. Amaral all the luck in the world.

Sadly, however, he is going to NEED it........................

For I truly believe that this book, along with copies of the DVD Documentary which was based on the book, will NOT see the light of day here in the UK.

For if they DID, they would produce a rather unique and untenable set of circumstances, for publishers, the MEDIA, for the very laws of Libel and for the ESTABLISHMENT itself that has resolutely thus far sought to protect the McCanns at every turn.".....................

............ " 
I have never met Express Newspapers Proprietor, Richard Desmond. I know many that have and feel confident I know SOME things about him.
I know that he is extremely forthright and has a notorious temper.
His well known ‘party piece’ is an impersonation of Adolf Hitler singing a chorus of "Deutschland über Alles"

"He has accumulated quite a wealth, partly due to his publication of soft-Porn titles, starting with Penthouse. It was the beginning of a magazine empire that went on to include such salacious names as Asian Babes, Readers' Wives and Big Ones to name but a few."

Although he has since SOLD these titles, he still runs his own soft-core Pornography channel on Satellite/Cable TV, as well as now owning the ‘Channel 5’ TV channel.
He greatly enjoys his reputation of being a man who takes no prisoners, of behaving like an underworld gangster.

As I have been wont to say on many occasions, we may NEVER know what happened in Praia de Luz in May 2007.
But what we DO know, surely without question, is that since that fateful night when a little girl was reported missing, Madeleine McCanns parents, (who were subsequently made criminal SUSPECTS in the case), have enjoyed privileges, freedoms, rights, advantages, treatments and PROTECTIONS afforded by the British Authorities, its POLICE, its Celebrity Culture, its Press and Media and, most tellingly, its Politicians and GOVERNMENT.
And to completely usurp that state of affairs with the TRUTH, just because of a decision made by those “bungling Porto Judges” in Lisbon, would be a truth too far. Perhaps for too many people.
I’m sure that Richard Desmond is cursing theMcCanns as ‘C***s’, (under his breath of course), as I write......................." 

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