quinta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2010

Aumentar os lucros

"It Started With A Tweet

Just imagine one little tweet and the amount of stuff you uncover and all courtesy of FindMadeleine on Twitter - http://twitter.com/...................."


Ler tudo em inglês na ligação indicada.

..........And the only thing I can conclude is that either the McCanns were going to invest, buy property or have Madeleines image blue toothed to every phone passing every shopping centre in the UK and Europe. And I wonder if they are planning to have her image blue toothed to every phone whether it will be a new image created on what she could look like today or an image from the past. This is going to cost thousands and they only have just over £400,000 left? They are banking on money coming rolling in, because I think personally if this is the new business deal, everyone in the world knows what Madeleine looks like or could look like and this is just a waste of money."

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