sábado, 16 de outubro de 2010

As Vítimas da O. ORE

Just for clarification….

Just for clarification….

(Ler tudo nas ligações indicadas.)

The blog wants to highlight the plight of the INNOCENT, those found to have NO images, those found to have been victims themselves, victims of credit card fraud, victims of bully boy tactics and people that after intensive investigations were found to NOT have one image of child pornography. These people are the people that were actually victims themselves of a crime and that crime being Credit Card Fraud. People who were totally innocent and had their lives ruined, their family torn apart and became isolated, treated as an outcast to the extent that some of them could take no more and decided to end their own life.

ler tudo nas ligações indicadas.


Not all sex offenders are male, there are women sex offenders; this is from a BBC article posted April 2009"


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