sábado, 30 de outubro de 2010

Ao mesmo nível ? Família Real e casal McCann ( os não bem vindos).

Parece então  que a Família Real de Uk e o casal mccann estão ao mesmo nível. LOL.
But thank You! 

The outraged royalists crying "shame" on Kitty

Dr.Goncalo Amaral should be quickly reminded of the British Establishment and the banning of books when it suits. 


Kitty Kelley wrote a book The Royals, banned from being read by the British Public.

In September 1997, Kelley turned her attention to the British Royal Family in The Royals (Warner Books, New York, ISBN 0-446-51712-7). In the book, Kelley stated that the Windsors obscured their German ancestry and described scandals surrounding the members of the royal family.)

Dr.Amaral quoted as saying in the Algarve

 ' I believe that the British people have the right to read an objective and well reasoned literary work. I think that it would be strange that the oldest democracy in the World was not able to publish and read this book.'



" English ways are stranger than fiction. The British Goverment and I include  the Royal family, have a lot of dirty little secrets, when the need arises may be taken from the closet and used to cover other dirty bigger secrets. 

The cover-up of the McCann case runs right to the heart of her Majesty's Goverment. The Establishment will find a way to stop this book from reaching her fair and greenest land. 

However, there is always America." 

A couple of reviews about 'the book' from 1997.

"I tried to purchase this book through Amazon, but I was told that it could not be shipped to UK addresses. This is apparently due to an official ban imposed by the British Government. By chance, I then found a copy when browsing in a local 'bargain' bookshop; the book cannot be obtained from large bookstore chains in the UK such as Waterstones etc. I found it to be reasonably well researched, and far more intelligently written than articles one might read about 'the royals' in the British tabloids. Ms Kelley rightly indicates throughout her book the huge amounts of money that the various post- war debacles of the Mountbatten- Windsor family have cost the British people. How ironic, then, that we are the only people in the world who are officially not allowed to read this book! What do the international community think about this? Opinions please!"


Thank You,D. 

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