domingo, 26 de setembro de 2010

Realmente é de espantar!

"A child that is home alone cries for 75 minutes and the Police of neither Country do anything about it, well that is what it looks like to me. Doesn’t it you?"

"After all Mrs Fenn was so concerned about the child crying on the 1st that she phoned a friend surely when her niece arrived two days later she would have said something to her.  It must have concerned Mrs Fenn so why did her niece not mention the incident in her Rogatory Interview."

But one thing I do know and that is most elderly people would be telling all and sundry especially their friends time and time again about the incident especially as the child disappeared 48 hours later.

That night she contacted a friend called EDNA GLYN, who also lives in Praia da Luz, after 23.00, telling her about the situation, who was not surprised at the child’s crying."
So all we have is Mrs Fenns word it happened, Carol Tranmer her niece 

E um telefonema para a recepção do Ocean Club?     Não entendo a razão de ninguém ter actuado ? 

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