segunda-feira, 6 de setembro de 2010

Lágrimas que se soltam........

GONCALO AMARAL…The TEARS.... they fall from the EYES.

A couple of facts which cannot be disputed.

1)   Dogs don’t lie.

2)   Innocent people do not need a PR team.

3)   Innocent people do not run away when made suspects.

4)   Innocent MOTHERS do not refuse to answer questions.

5)   The McCanns are known cowards who hide behind their family and friends.

GONCALO AMARAL was part of a team investigating the disappearance of Madeleine...the decision to make them suspects was a joint effort by British and Portuguese forces.

The McCanns would have the Gullible British who ARE sheep believe the decision was made by a nasty foreign cop who hates the McCanns.

A detective, any detective is trained to suspect the last person who saw the VICTIM alive, not always, certainly, but on occasions when a father says he last saw his child in bed must surely come under scrutiny.

BRITISH PROFILER Lee Rainbow agrees, Gerald McCann NEEDS to be investigated due to the INCONSISTENCIES IN HIS STATEMENT ‘ We may be looking at a homicide’

The GASPAR statement has still NOT been investigated.

The McCanns still refuse to ask for the Investigation to be re-opened . Paulo Rebelo said ‘The Investigation is STILL pointing in the right direction. Therefore, Goncalo and his team were correct, if the investigation re- opens the McCanns will once again become suspcets.

The case was SHELVED because it was pointed out no new evidence has come to light, no NEW evidence BUT there is evidence pointing to the McCanns guilt.AND this evidence is what the McCanns wish to lay their hands on,,this is what they mean when they say a review, they want ALL evidence in the hands of the BRITISH.

What secrets lay in those silent files? What secret evidence about the McCanns do they tell? Will we ever know?

The McCanns are EVIL, only the evil would dispose of their child and give her no date of death or a tomb stone where her siblings may visit , talk to her and leave her flowers.

ONLY Kate McCann could find joy spending money from the corpse of her daughter, Madeleine.

 The EVIL of the McCanns is to lie to their two remaining children ,take them shopping  buy Maddie gifts, force them to wear Maddie bracelets, a table set for Christmas with an empty chair for Madeleine, WAITING for her return.

Susan and Brian Healy, Madeleines grandparents , also now living the lie of their daughter , BOTH, have accused GONCALO AMARAL of planting evidence. Susan Healy knew of Maddies sleeping problems and she knew what KATE gave her to help her with this problem BUT Susan Healy does not want her only child to go to prison Susan could not stand the shame, what would the neighbours think and say.

Reputation , more important than their grandaughter resting and at peace.

A true Catholic would be tormented by such thoughts, just as well this family do not really believe in GOD for if they did they would fear DEATH and the burning of their mortal souls. 

The McCanns will ONLY be content when they have destroyed Goncalo Amaral and while they are destroying him a little girl who he fought so hard to find the truth for will cry in the wilderness and the TEARS will fall from her eyes as do the children of Goncalo Amarals...but we know Goncalos children are safe, can we say the same for the McCanns twins?


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