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Gonçalo e Sofia.

Message to readers of this site, from Gonçalo Amaral - 22 April 2008

Conversation among policemen... ASFIC-PJ Blog (union of the PJ)

PJ accuse English police of favouring the McCann couple Diário de Notícias 

Investigator says that Maddie is dead Correio da Manhã

Former inspector of the PJ believes that Maddie is dead - RTP video featuring Gonçalo Amaral's email to this site 

Alternative short RTP video (01:24):

Matter of Fact

Gonçalo Amaral in CM Correio da Manhã   

Discover the differences Correio da Manhã

Sighting of the truth Correio da Manhã

Rights for paedophiles and witnesses Correio da Manhã

Related article:
The British secret files Gazeta Digital

Spot the differences Correio da Manhã
Matter of Fact

Assisting and archiving Correio da Manhã

To assist and to archive processes Correio da Manhã

Examples of British 'justice' (I) Correio da Manhã

Examples of British 'justice' (II) Correio da Manhã

'When Gonçalo went out of the PJ door there was no one saying goodbye to him'
By Nigel Moore

The sad cases of a policeman's life Correio da Manhã

Gonçalo Amaral is a candidate in Olhão Correio da Manhã 

Gonçalo Amaral goes back into politics and wants to become mayor of Olhão SOSMaddie

Gonçalo Amaral splits PSD coordinating commitee for local elections Diário de Notícias

Amaral for President SOSMaddie (Portuguese version)

Maddie Cop Vote 

Maddie, the Candidate Gonçalo Amaral, the ambivalence of some political cowards and the – inevitable – feast of the British tabloids Câmara de Comuns 

Ex-Maddie cop runs for mayor The Portugal News

Social-democrat section of the district of Faro approve Gonçalo Amaral's name TSF

Gonçalo can count on Flores 24horas (pages 12-13)

Mendes Bota says there is persecution of Gonçalo Amaral Barlavento

Political Commission has refused Gonçalo Amaral Destak

Glass ceilings... Correio da Manhã
Matter of fact

PM under UK investigation? Portugal News online

If the elections were today, Gonçalo Amaral would be elected presidentSOSMaddie

Wife of Gonçalo Amaral denies having reported her husband to the PJ for abuse and threats of death O Crime (appears in paper edition only)


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