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IF! and only IF! Madeleine’s body was in the hire car 25 days later?

Question by Michael © CE Freedom Party.: IF! and only IF! Madeleine’s body was in the hire car 25 days later?

IF!–IF! Madeleine McCann’s body was in the hire car 25 days after she went missing (according to DNA evidence), where was her body during that time?
The way I see it, IF, she was in the car, there must have been other people involved. That makes it a conspiracy.
Now if you haven’t seen a badly decomposed body I can tell you it is probably your worst nightmare! the only other option is freezing, which brings us back to conspiracy! not nice to think about in these terms, however they are the facts.
Michael W. I know that I said that I would give these questions a miss however this has got me beat.
I hear what you are saying, however the question is, where could she have been?
Good point Little Weed, however not in 25 days. During that time the internal organs decay and the body swells with gas and the smell is very sickly sweet!
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Answer by lee39s
i agree if it was in the car there must be a 3rd person involved .I just can’t comprehend it WHY
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14 Responses to “IF! and only IF! Madeleine’s body was in the hire car 25 days later?”

  1. poppyday says:
    if this is true… then there is evidence… why have there not been any arrests made..
  2. nina m says:
    There was a third accomplice we dont know about. Maybe one of the Tapas 9???/
  3. donna says:
    considering that they couldn’t pass wind without a photo being taken of the moment and a two page written article telling us how bad it smelt appearing in the papers i doubt very much that they would of got away with having a body in that car.
  4. focus says:
    I think that is a very big ‘IF’ I don’t think she was in the car at any time.
  5. HEATHER F says:
    I have thought the same, the only problem is did the appartment have a chest freezer, or was there one somewhere else? Wonder what other peoples thoughts are on this
  6. monkeyface says:
    To be perfectly honest, I am not sure how much of the “evidence” is reliable. The Portuguese police seem to have made a total mess of the whole thing & I am sure we will never, ever know exactly what happened to poor Madeline.
  7. Grumples says:
    very interesting question.
    your point about the badly decomposed body, they are doctors, both of them.judging by Kates excuse that she had dealt with 6 dead bodies before leaving for Portugal (which was meant to explain the smell of a corpse on her clothes) then I am sure she is used to dealing with corpses
    It could well be a conspiracy. you would think that if all 9 knew, one of them would have broken down by now, but I am sure that more people than just Gerry and Kate in the group know what actually happened, jane tanner for instance….why does an innocent woman need to invent so many lies?!
    Edit: GF makes a good point. I think that perhaps the police exaggerated a bit to make the McCanns scared. I think they have been manipulating the media for a lot of the time in an attempt to observe how Kate and Gerry react. If that makes any sense
    Edit: God only knows, I doubt the freezer, that would have been waaaay to risky. she could have been stored in a graveyard somewhere, in one those little buildings (can’t remember the name). a cool dry place would preserve the body a little more and keep it away from the sun. of course, the body would have had to have been moved at some stage from the graveyard. I dunno, just throwing out suggestions…
  8. chunkz says:
    If and only if, she was in the hire car then I think Murat had something to do with it!
    I know what you mean about decomposing bodies! (Doesn’t bear thinking about!)
    Has it been confirmed about DNA found in Murats belonging to Madeleines?
    And he did know Gerry for sure!
    What the hell is happening in this whole fiasco?
  9. G F says:
    don’t think she was ever in the car i think that the police made a big mistake there and i cant see them putting a child’s body in a freezer there is loads of stories and till we find maddie we wont know
  10. little weed says:
    The body could have been hidden in cave, a cold church vault, buried in sand, or kept in a chest freezer in someone else’s house.
    Interesting article…perfect preservation
  11. Julia Peculiar says:
    Only the parents would know and are the telling?
  12. CHEESYinWI™ Find Maddy! says:
    Her DNA could have been transferred in many ways. Toys, clothing, etc.
    If the DNA is from a DEAD child, then there is every reason to believe her parents are involved.
  13. bluebrancall says:
    i agree with every word you have said, something dont ring true, on the maddie case does it, i to think someone else was involved
  14. MissEssex says:
    I am not saying this is what I think happened, but I am just offering an idea. I remember seeing a photo of Kate and Gerry pushing a double buggy out in Portugal a few months back, and the entire buggy was covered in a kind of black curtain, now I am not suggesting for a moment that they could have used this to move Madeleine’s body, but it could be possibility. I tried to find a link to the photo, but I haven’t managed to find one yet.

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