quarta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2010

Descobri isto.

Nine months ago today, Madeleine McCann was possibly abducted, and probably murdered at a Portugese holiday resort after being left unsupervised in an unlocked apartment, as her parents enjoyed a night out on the shant with friends.

At the time, I was recovering at the Holiday Inn in Southsea, as my home had been sealed off as a crime scene, after I'd been 
stabbed in the face by a drunken pikey who was trying to stab my eye out after failing to slit my throat.

Unlike the McCanns I wasn't fortunate enough to be enjoying the fine foods of the hotel restaraunt, as I couldn't afford it. Instead, I satisfied my hunger with a bag of chips from Clarence Pier, which I ate on the seafront, whilst catching some sun, and I must say, they were very tasty indeed as far as trying to eat with the pain of a fractured cheek goes.

I was allowed back into my own home the following evening after the Police had finished taking blood samples, and fingerprints from the house, and saw Maddy on all the news reports. I was immediately struck by her right eye, as I'd recently been stabbed a fraction of an inch below mine.

At the time, I was prepared to give the McCanns, and their bizarre story, the benefit of the doubt as, if the Portugese are a fraction as 
sex offender friendly as the UK, then history proves children really are abducted from their own homes by passing paedophiles.

I was also perfectly aware that if I was in their position, 
the headlines would have been "Child abducted as benefit scrounging parasite leaves kids home alone so they can go out shanting with their pisshead chums"

Nevertheless I was also aware, along with the Police and the media, that when kids that age go missing, if they don't turn up within 24 hours, it's because they're dead, and was shocked, and still am at the ongoing media charade of "Have you seen little Maddy? Can you look under your beds, and in your sheds, just in case she's hiding!"

I first became openly suspiscious of the McCanns when they went to Holland on their all expenses paid "Looking for Maddy" world tour, quite what they were doing looking for her on the other side of the planet is anyones guess, and only lends credibility to the theory that they're merely diverting attention away from themselves. My suspiscions were compounded by the letter sent to the Dutch media while they were there, giving a vague description of where Maddy's remains were. I thought possibly Kate had sent it in a desperate bid to get Maddy's remains found by someone other than themselves, so they could give her a proper burial back home.

I don't know if the McCanns killed Maddy (whether accidentally, or intentionally) and buried her as the sniffer dogs suggest. I don't know if the Tapas nine are a paedophile sex ring who were taking it in turns to sexually abuse her as they enjoyed their meal. I don't know if she was genuinely abducted by a passing paedophile, and I don't know if she was abducted by a passing childless person, but I do know that people who leave kids that age at home alone while they go out shanting with their mates are unfit parents. Furthermore if they leave them at home with the doors unlocked they're downright insane, and if they do so whilst babysitting and creche facilities are freely available they're not just unworthy of your money and compassion, but they're also very probably lying through the back of their teeth about the circumstances leading up to the disappearance.

If someone as rich and powerful as 
Britney Spears can lose custody of her children, why can't the McCanns? At least Britney didn't leave them home alone in an unlocked house when she went out partying, which is a fact seemingly lost on the likes of Oprah Winfrey who, fresh from bankrolling the physical, sexual, and mental abuse of children in South Africa, now wishes to reward the McCanns for the abuse of theirs!

Meanwhile I finally managed to get my bite back after being refused surgery on my fractured cheek, by drinking 
lots of white cider, and clenching my teeth together really hard for prolongued periods of time, crossing several pain barriers in the process. The small lump (chipped bone) on my left jaw, which the surgeons assured me was "Just a spot" is still there, and I guaranteethis character will get more for her spotty face than I will for my injuries because unlike her (and the McCanns), I'm a filthy working class parasite and I'm 'not worth it' apparently. Just as I'm not worth a dentist, not worth a bank account, and my Nan before me wasn't worth dialysis



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