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Who is Dr. Goncalo Amaral?

As you have seen from the lists I've tried to compile of articles written by British "journalists" Dr. Amaral has been slandered and basically crucified by the media in the United Kingdom.  It has been virtually impossible to find balanced articles, written in English, with any kind of objective reporting or biographical background on this man.

My goal is now to find out who he really is, what his life was like before Madeleine McCann went missing in the Algarve, and I intend to try to add posts to this blog as I manage to get a grasp of his history and how he is seen by those who actually know him.

Having followed the McCann case from the very beginning, I had been aware that Goncalo Amaral was not being treated fairly by reporters.  I've always had a vague sense that "something needs to be done about this" but as a person with no access to a press room and no "friends" in the media, I have been incapable of getting a personal answer as to WHY reporters are doing this, much less a chance to demand some unbiased information be written about Dr. Amaral.

It has always been my belief that when the truth of what happened to Madeleine McCann is finally told, Dr. Amaral will be vindicated.  It seems to me, watching him on videos and reading his statements, that he has remained dignified and calm in the face of brutal verbal attacks by the British media, the McCanns, the McCann spokesman, their family and friends. His demeanor, if nothing else, convinces me that he has a clear conscience about his choices and his actions.

I have been doing my best to scan the over 1600 news articles with references to Dr. Amaral.  On previous posts, I've tried to list a few of the common descriptions of him found in those reports.  Even when an article's main topic is a different aspect of the McCann case...even in brief or passing references to him, I have found in almost every article an adjective used to demean him, to call into question his motives, his professionalism and/or his character.

The truly gutter press has gone over the top in this regard; describing him as boozy, unkept, bumbling, a torturer etc.  The so called "mainstream" press has also been brutal; perhaps a bit less inclined to use the blatantly xenophobic and defamatory terms and limited themselves to terms such as "disgraced" or "inept" or dropping in a reference to the alleged two/three hour lunches - that type of thing.

Even the mainstream press seems incapable of writing objectively about the case and instead uses disparaging adjectives to describe Dr. Amaral and sympathetic adjectives to describe Kate and Gerry McCann.  As someone who simply wants to make up my own mind and be presented with the facts, the coverage of this case has frustrated me and at times downright made me mad.  It seems to me that the press has attempted to LEAD their readers rather than inform their readers.  That, in my opinion, is not journalism - it is propaganda............"

mais para ler nas ligações acima mencionadas.

...... " “Ele não sai contente com o tratamento que lhe deram nos últimos anos. A instituição não o defendeu em inúmeras situações, principalmente nos últimos dois casos em que esteve envolvido, que destruíram a sua imagem”, confidenciou ao CM fonte da PJ." 


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