segunda-feira, 23 de agosto de 2010

Vera, please.............

......... "The reason for this is because The MW’s in Portugal was spread over a large area with no security walls and some of the apartments were not owned by MW’s.
What they did supply was a creche to leave children in at night so parents could go to dinner with their friends and then pick them up afterwards. It was open each night until about 11.30 or later if you made arrangements for a later pick up.
They also had a babysitting service where a person who normally worked in the creche by day stayed in the apartment and babysat the children.
Mark Warners offered this personal service to everyone, the only drawback being that it cost about £10 per hour. Maybe the McCann’s didn’t think their children were worth paying out money for.
The McCann’s went to another restaurant (Chaplin’s) the previous night which was even further away from where they were staying and they left their children alone even at that distance. Chaplin’s is 800 metres more in distance than the 200 metres it takes to get to the Tapas Bar.
MW’s staff had to go and find them and ask the McCann’s to return to their apartment as one of their children had been crying for over an hour and a half.
The next day MW’s offered them a babysitter for the night (for free) on the 3rd May and the McCann’s cancelled her services and went to the Tapas Bar which was 200 metres away not 50 yards as the McCann’s have stated).
Even after all that crying from their child the previous night, they still left their children alone again the next night. If that is not wilful neglect, what the hell is?
On a different theme. Has anybody noticed how amazingly alike David Payne is to Robert Murat? He could practically be his twin!"..............
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