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Sylar Newton de dois anos...........

Sylar Newton case: Presumed dead, criminal investigation

....... "In rather baffling language that resembled the statements made in the early days of the Kyron Horman case, YCSO has stated that they believe Sylar Newton was not abducted. I’m going to repeat that – they don’t think he was abducted. BUT, some one took him away from that campground, either dead or alive and YCSO at this time cannot determine in which state. NOW, add to those two statements that YCSO also believes he is now dead, and you start getting at least a desert mirage of why the investigation has been declared criminal.

Not abducted, but taken from the campground. Taken from the campground either dead or alive, but now presumed dead."

................. Ler o artigo completo.

.......... "

And might I add how damned convenient it is that the “bushy-haired stranger” that has arisen in this case just happens to be Hispanic at the same time that Arizona’s controversial limited immigration law has just gone into effect!

So to summarize what we have learned in the past few days:

  • YCSO believes Sylar is dead.
  • YCSO is looking for a body.
  • YCSO does not believe the child wandered off on his own.
  • YCSO does not believe the child was abducted.
  • YCSO believes the child was taken from the campground.
  • The case is now a criminal investigation.
  • We now have a nefarious gawking Hispanic stranger that the custodial mother forgot about for over a week but she now believes COULD have been involved in the disappearance of Sylar.
  • We now have another missing child case that has gone criminal and turned Hinky on us.

What we haven’t learned:

What happened to Sylar and where he is.


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