quinta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2010

Sentiriamos de outro modo se......


......... " Then they had a son, a new little Aussie; let's call him O. O was born with some problems and disabilities. As is so often the case with these sorts of kids, the prognosis takes a while to develop. The K family do not have the benefit of Medicare, being American, despite O being born here. Mr K is still working and paying big tax dollars and buying the groceries and so on. They have applied for permanent residency too, but now there's a hiccup - little O the Aussie. Basically, the run-around began. Delays asking for further medical reports in so many months time, then when the reports were submitted no-one would ever get back to the Ks about progress. Insert all the usual horror stories about bureaucracy you can think of here. The immigration folks seemed to be putting every log in the track they could without actually formally completing a denial of application. In time............... "
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