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Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Alexandra should contact PJ Police on 282 405 400.

A German man suspected of killing his Angolan girlfriend in the Algarve has been detained by police in his homeland, while authorities in Portugal are now searching for her 18-month old daughter.

The toddler disappeared after her mother was allegedly drowned by her lover at Canavial beach in Lagos on July 10.

Police have confirmed that the woman, Georgina Zito, 30, was on holiday with daughter Alexandra and Gunnar Dorries, 43, who is believed to be the child's father.

According to Portuguese newspaper DN Portugal this week, Georgina Zito was married to an Angolan man, M. K. Zito, and lived with him in Stuttgart, Germany.

Gunnar Dorries left Portugal on July 14 without the child and was detained on July 15 when he arrived in Germany. He is being held in custody in Stadelheim prison in Munich.

PJ police say he is suspected of deliberately drowning Georgina Zito and believe he left the scene at Canavial beach with the child.

The couple and the child had been staying at the Hotel Vila Galé in Meia Praia and three hours after leaving the beach, Gunnar Dorries was seen in the hotel without the child. Police believe that he killed the child in the Algarve, although the investigation area has been extended to Lisbon, where Gunnar Dorries abandoned a rented car and caught a flight to Munich, where it is understood he lives with his wife and children.

Although PJ police have done everything they can to find the child, their efforts are being hampered because Gunnar Dorries has refused to cooperate with the German police, reports DN Portugal.

His lawyer Sascha Petzold said: "He claims that the child is alive and that Portuguese police will be able to find her alive in the coming days, probably in the Algarve."

He added that Gunnar Dorries has protested his innocence about any involvement in the disappearance and possible death of Alexandra.

The PJ are hoping that the suspect will be returned to the Algarve to allow him to be questioned by police.

news via sic and algarve resident

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