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Pessoas desaparecidas ou em...fuga. ( belo texto).

Missing people

Posted by Keir Simmons. 26 August, 2010

"Today marks 10 years since my mum died. She was a powerhouse of a woman, a local councillor with fierce political views and a wonderful sense of fun. I still miss her and she still inspires me.
She was taken by cancer, a disease that picks people off arbitrarily and unfairly. Hers was ovarian cancer, ‘the silent killer’. It didn’t even do her the justice of letting her know it was there before it was too late.
Before she died a decade ago I was a beginner in journalism (some would understandably argue that I still am). I started in this business, like so many of us, with the hope that I could do something to make people’s lives better. That I could help right injustices by bringing people’s stories to the attention of a large audience.
Then you realise just how many injustices there are and how little time you have.
In the last few weeks a number of people have contacted me on Facebook and Twitter to ask for help to find missing relatives. Since then, thank god, one family have found their daughter. But another family is, I believe, still missing a father.
He is Jason Mead. He went missing from his home in Sheffield on the 31st of July. I don’t know why he vanished or what happened but you can see how much his family are hurting from the Facebook page they have set up. And from the poem his two young children have written.
My daddy.
I love you so much,
I think the world of you,
I really want you to come back home,
When you come back I will give you the biggest hug,
I am your little princess and Drew is your handsome prince,
Lots of love your lovable children Darcie and Drew xxxxxxxxxxxx
I really hope he is safe and that he does decide to go home. I hope writing about it here helps.
We journalists have to make tough decisions every day, picking just a few stories from thousands. But we try not to forget that every story is important for those involved. Every injustice, every misfortune is heart breaking. We do understand. When I lost my mum I remember wondering why the rest of the world seemed to be carrying on as if nothing had changed.
In the months to come I hope to use this blog not just to explain and to reveal what goes on behind the scenes at ITV News, but also to bring more stories to people’s attention. To use my limited influence to try to help a little more." 
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