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McCanns LOST their Perfect alibi

Life Could have been so very different for the Mccanns IF ONLY, Accountant PAUL ANTHONY GORDON had been more helpful.

I am not saying Mr.Gordon was NOT helpful, he was, BUT to the Police , which was no help at all to the McCanns.

If we go through Mr.Gordons statement you will see what I mean.

This statement was dated 24th April 2008.

Paul and his family stayed for one week in Apartment 5A , they left the day the McCanns arrived Saturday, 28th April 2007.

Paul, his wife, three year old son and daughter of two years had a very pleasant weeks stay .

Here is part of Pauls statement.

The week was quiet, the children went to kindergarten either in the
morning or in part of the afternoon and there was a day that I think
they went all day - but I cannot state this with exactitude.

The children always returned to the apartment at lunchtime for a nap that
usually occurred between 13.00 and 15.00. The children were always in
our company when they were not at the nursery, and frequently we took
them to the beach for an ice cream.

On Wednesday or Thursday the children were sleeping in the apartment and
Sal also was inside - reading a book if I am not mistaken. I was seated
in the paved garden that is facing the area of the pool, when I heard a
male voice say "Hello". The voice came from the gate that leads to the
road on the corner of the apartment and connects to the main reception

I stood up and I went to the man who asked me if I would be interested
to contribute a donation to an orphanage in the interior mountains. I
spoke with him and noticed that he had a badge with identification and
that he had what seemed to me to be a book of receipts.

I thought that either he was genuine or a professional "cheat". It was
then that I entered the apartment and asked Sal where was the money, and
returned with a 10 euro note that I gave to him.

I cannot say exactly where he put the money and I think that he gave me a receipt, which I
imagine that I threw away or left in Portugal.

At the time I thought the
individual aggressive or having a persistent manner.

I felt he was genuine and it appeared to be for a good cause.

I would describe the man as educated, with good appearance and brought
with him a pamphlet.

He had dark hair with slight tendency to gray, his
skin seemed to be tanned [by the sun]. I would say that he was more than
forty years old and 1.77 - 1.80cm in height - that is hard to say with
certainty since I was looking down at him from a higher position.

I would add that the man was robustly built but was not fat. Wearing a
light green polo, trousers and shoes.

After all this time I do not know if he had a slight goatee on the
picture of the identification badge [card] or in person.

But in one way or another I remember him as being clean and shaven and with light
facial hair. I would say that I was with this man 2-3 minutes. The
individual was not seen by the children since they were in bed asleep,
nor seen by Sal since she remained inside while I spoke with him.

I had never seen this man before and saw him no more after that. Apart from
mentioning him to Sal I did not speak again about this man while I was
in Portugal.

While we were in Portugal there were no incidents worthy of record,
beyond this man that I have described, however there was a time when I
cut myself shaving in the bathroom of the apartment.

I would say that the cut bled for about a 45 minutes and that it took some time until the
cut stopped bleeding, during which period I walked around the apartment
with paper tissues trying to stop the blood. Aside from this, to the
best of my knowledge no one else cut themselves nor did anyone die in
the apartment.

The doors, windows and shutters were in perfect condition of operation.
There was no sign of the doors, windows and blinds ever having been
broken into, but also there was no need to examine [them]. The front
door had a double lock that was difficult to lock, but we managed to do
it. The patio door did not lock from the outside, only from the inside
of the apartment and for that reason when the family left [went out] we
always used the front door.

We used to open the blinds during the day, returning to close them at
night. When the blinds were [being] closed they made much noise.

Regarding the couch I do not remember where it was positioned in the
room. I would say that it was next to the wall to prevent children from
walking around it, but beyond saying that it was blue, I can not affirm
anything else.
The children slept in the bedroom facing the car park - the window had a
Persian blind, Sal and I slept in the bedroom with the door to the

I want to add that since January this year I have received numerous
phone calls, messages and visits from the press regarding the collector
of donations, which in turn put me in contact with other people such as
Brian Kennedy, Kate and Gerry McCann. I feel that this is a constraint
that makes it difficult to take the more correct decision.
I tried always to cooperate with the police in every way possible,
telephoning them at the first available opportunity as soon as the news
broke about the disappearance of Madeleine. There are certain times when
I feel like a pawn in chess.

This testimony was prepared by me and is true and according to my knowledge


Paul Gordon as you can see would have been the answer to the McCanns prayers, a man had been to the apartment Wednesday or Thursday of the previous week, a man collecting donations. This of course with the help of Clarence Mitchells spin WOULD have been the ABDUCTOR.

Paul, it seems, had no interest in talking to anyone but the POLICE...SO, GAIL COOPER would have to do...wrong time ...wrong place..but no matter, lets stay with a man collectiong donations and if at some point, luck would have it and the public here about Paul Gordon all the better.

Paul ,could also explain how BLOOD was found in the apartement , Paul himself has said he cut himself shaving and walked around the apartment.

Martin Grimes had explained his dog picks up on old and fresh blood, yes this may well have been what Martins dog picked up ..

Had there been just the BLOOD dog, Gerry would have jumped all over this...BUT...there was also the CADAVER dog...not so easy to explain.

Gerry was between a rock and a hard place...admit the blood dog picked up on Pauls blood would be also having to admit the CADAVER dog.......

EVEN Gerry McCann would not have been so stupid as to admit ONLY one dog was unreliable.....Gerry made a decision...... BOTH dogs were unreliable.
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