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Madalena em 2010 teria 7 anos.

British tourist arrested for taking photos of eight-year-old children on Algarve beach
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A British tourist has been arrested on suspicion of taking photographs of children on a beach on the Algarve.
The 48-year-old was held after three sets of parents noticed him taking pictures of youngsters. Police said they found a number of photos of children aged eight to 15 on his camera.

Madeleine em 2010 teria 7 anos. 

The suspect, who has not been named, was due to appear at a court in the nearby  town of Loule this morning. 
Police made him an 'arguido' or formal suspect on Thursday evening  before releasing him on bail.

Em UK há praias não há? Fiquem por lá.


.........  "Today even a person photographing children on a beach in the Algarve is arrested and, hey presto Madeleine McCann’s disappearance is linked to the story with “new lead” by the Daily Mail.  Before attaching Madeleine to this story how about finding out if there were pictures of Madeleine in his possession, whether he was in Portugal in May 2007?  Because if not I doubt very much that he is the perpetrator that has harmed Madeleine.

All the time we sit here in our own comfortable surroundings and ignore the fact that there are missing children out there and our media should be highlighting their plight and doing all they can to help find them, we are failing them, we might not even know them, we might not have never heard of their names, but each and everyone that ignores their plight is failing them.".........

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