terça-feira, 3 de agosto de 2010

Goncalo Amaral

Goncalo Amaral…Remembering

A man of small stature , with a soft Portuguese accent stands alone. Goncalo Amaral, what has happened to him and where is he now? Is he on holiday with his family enjoying the sunshine, or is he with lawyers discussing the up and coming court case with the Mccanns?

Goncalo Amaral and Madeleine Mccann seem to have been forgotten, the poor vunerable parents have made sure they are the victims and seek pity where ever they go.

I have noticed since the new Goverment have taken over, we have heard very little from the Mccanns, no fantasy sightings, no Mitchell with what looks like a very badly fitted shag pile carpet on his balding head, in a shade of pastel burnt ash...,twittering on about IPs searching lairs for Madeleine,now aged seven years. Madeleine, stolen to order claims her father by paedophiles BUT without any evidence she has come to any SERIOUS harm.,maybe just a little then Gerry , as her Uncle John said, nothing they cannot put right...after all whats a little ‘damaged’ child?

The Mccanns have STOBART and their truck cruising through Europe, in Belguim to be exact, in search of Madeleine, photographed aged three. I am sure this will quickly remind many of the little girl abducted from her bed without a shred of evidence except for her fathers say so...Not forgetting Madeleines mother Kate, who knew what happened because she was there..Also,Jane Tanner ,as luck would have it saw Madeleine spirited away and yet even though Gerry, Madeleines father was standing talking to Jez, Jane said nothing., because as she later explained she thought nothing odd in seeing a man with a child .

Goncalo Amaral what a fine mess you are in and all through no fault of your own. A detective doing his job now finds himself being sued by the Prime Suspect....you could not make it up.


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