terça-feira, 10 de agosto de 2010

From SweetSide (Iron) para Gonçalo Amaral


We blog all day and deep into the night,

For a battle, a cause and sometimes a fight,

Trying not to disturb those who sleep on,

Spouses in our beds, know not, we are gone,

We blog about JUSTICE for a three year old girl,

She has a droplet in her eye, shaped oval, like a pearl,

Parents she had, who claimed that they cared,

The truth amongst nine, only, they shared,

To the rest of the world, she was TAKEN, alone,

From an apartment, and not from her home,

Her parents have lied , why, is not clear,

From something they’ve done, or just through pure fear,

Goncalo Amaral, in charge of the case,

Ordered the McCanns for a talk, face to face,

The mother, refused, to help her small child,

Any other mother , who would be going wild,

The father, he knew, about the ‘ cadaver dogs’,

His ONLY concern, writing daily, on blogs,

Telling us all about his daily life,

He and his LADY, this terrible wife,,

There is no PROOF, we are constantly told,

Sometimes I fear, I will blog, till I’m old,

FRAUD, the Mccanns know, is a serious charge,

AND yet they still do it, to the public, at large,

Goncalo Amaral has laid his life on the line,

I, also too pledge, the rest of mine,

It is a cause and theres no turning around,

The truth about Madeleine, it must be found.



SweetSide = Ironside: I thank You a lot by this. We hope someone close GA can see and read......................

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