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Emmett Trapp,Sylar Newton,Madeleine


Emmett Trapp; Sylar Newton;Kyron Horman; Madeleine..............

Hobnob said: { Aug 4, 2010 - 09:08:11 }

If you really want to play spot the suspicious nefarious abductor take a peek at the list of alleged suspects seen lurking in praia de luz in portugal in late april early may 2007 when drs kate and gerry mccann and 7 friends all decided it would be fun to leave their kids home alone every night whilst they drank in a bar 120 yds away with no clear site of the back of the apartments and none at all of the front with the result that 3 yr old Madeleine was mysteriously allegedly abducted within a 3-5 minutes of her father allegedly checking on her.
That time of year is is very quiet and it was very convenient that one of the tapas 7 claims she saw a man carrying a bundle which over time became a child, walking across the top of the street where gerry was talking to a mate. neither of them saw the alleged man on neither saw tanner who would have had to walk round them.
despite their claims of abduction, they never physically searched for her, the mom refused to answer 48 questions despite knowing it would hinder the search and cadaver dogs reacted to the apartment, the moms clothes, cuddle cat and the hire car.
they hired top lawyers within days of the alleged abduction plus spin doctors
They also insist that there is no evidence of serious harm despite claiming she was abducted by a paedophile. They ran back to the uk as soon as they were made arguidos( suspects) and refused to help the police, they also hired extradition lawyers as well. They are currently suing the ex lead detective who released a book saying Madeleine was dead ( that was the conclusion of the police reports)
they started a fund of which only a small percentage of the money meant to search for their daughter was actually used the rest going on merchandise legal fees, expenses and mortgage payments and support for the family. Instead of finally hiring detectives specialising in finding missing people they hired 3rd rate idiots who specialised in fraud and money laundering and several organisations who couldn’t tell their ass from their elbow. They could have been charged with neglect resulting in harm ( maddie was 3 and left babysitting 2 yr old siblings in an unocked apartment) but they weren’t as the cops were aiming for more serious charges.
Currently anyone who claims anything other than Madeleine Mccann was abducted will hear from their lawyers and likely be sued.
There are several good sites with info on this case just google mccann files if interested


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