sexta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2010

british paidos

com google tradutor:
"Parents complained. Tourist was arrested and the machine had several images of children between eight and 15 years
A man suspected of photographing minors in Beach Marinotel in Vilamoura, was arrested yesterday afternoon by the Maritime Police (PM). On the basis of the police action were the complaints carried out by three pairs of parents were surprised that the attitude of the individual, a British citizen of 48 years. According to a source of Maritime Zone Command South, the complainants testified that "the man pointed out several times the camera to the children playing in the sand near the water." Without speaking with the suspect at about 15:00, the parents of children covered by the lens fit to call the Marine Police to identify and confirm that the stranger was even taking photos of minors without the consent of parents. "When the Marine Police arrived at the beach, yet was able to observe the man to take some pictures," he told DN a Portuguese holidaymaker who was on the beach. When approached, the Englishman, 49, succumbed to the request of the authorities in order to envision the taking of photographs that contained the memory card from the machine at hand. "We detected the existence of many photographs of children aged between eight and 15 years" in that memory card, confirmed to DN Commander Offshore South Marques Ferreira. That said, the individual was taken in custody by agents of the Maritime Police. According to the PM was found with the Judicial Police, the British citizen has no record and this was the prosecutor of Loulé. Defendant was formed, but walked free with the term of identity and residence. Should be heard by a judge today at 10.00, again in criminal court at Loulé. On the beach, apart from parents who complained, few realized that the attitude of tourists and the police. This is the second recorded case of an adult to photograph minors in Algarve beaches recorded in five days."

Esquadra da Policia de Leicestershire Refª Assunto: Antecedentes – Gerald McCANN (....) Referencia criminal NQ/010145/06-9 Averiguação junto da secção local de investigação de abuso a menores mostra um número de registo 19309 no CATS (acção de sistema de localização). E não puderam adiantar mais nada. Para não falar nos depoimentos dos Gaspars que envolviam o Gerry McCann e David Payne. Quem acredita nos cadastros dos ingleses??? Eu não.

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