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Até que se saiba a verdade e variações sobre


Exclusiva para McCann Files
Por el Dr. Martin Roberts
12 de agosto de 2010


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e, em inglês:

Varieties Of Honesty, 22 August 2010

EXCLUSIVE to mccannfiles.com

By Dr Martin Roberts

"A search of 'McCannfiles' for the phrase 'To be honest', preceded by 'Kate McCann', has yielded a total of 57 instances (Google returned with 7 pages-worth). Whilst the citations are not all attributable to Kate, her own usage of the phrase is disconcertingly frequent nevertheless:

Kate McCann: And obviously I can't talk too much......... " 

In chapter 5 of his illuminating book, 'I Know You Are Lying' (2001: The Marpa Group), Mark McClish has the following to say in discussing an example of 'honesty':

'The applicant stated "You know..." The problem is we do not know if he is being honest. He has to tell us he is being truthful. Even if he were to say, "You know I am being honest" we still have a deceptive statement. He has not told us he is being honest. He expects us to take his honesty for granted. Believe what people tell you. If he tells you he is being honest, believe him. If he doesn't tell you he is being honest, you have to believe that too.'

Chapter 9 (Words And Phrases That Indicate Deception) and McClish is even more specific:

'In an effort to get you to believe their answer, people will sometimes use words or phrases designed to emphasise their truthfulness. However, studies have shown that when people use these words or phrases they may be giving you a deceptive answer. The following is a list of some of the more common deceptive words and phrases:

"Honest to God."          "Truthfully"
"To be honest."            "I swear to God."
"To tell the truth."        "I swear on my mother's grave."

'...when you hear these words or phrases in a statement that light bulb in your head should go off. You should pay even closer attention to what the person is telling you.'

A seguir está uma lista de algumas das palavras mais comuns e frases enganosas: "Juro por Deus". "Sinceramente" "Para ser honesto." "Juro por Deus". "Para dizer a verdade." "Juro sobre o túmulo de minha mãe." 
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