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2007 e, por aí fora......


spudgunne | 26 de Setembro de 2007
Thank you to everyone who has posted comments. I still believe, THREE years after having posted this, that these and many other questions still need to be answered, irrespective of what happened in Portugal that night. I am sure the HUGE, concerted efforts by some individuals will eventually result in having this Video removed from YouTube, as they have managed to achieve this with the very same video last week on GOOGLE Video. This video has been the subject of a very sustained attack over the past Months, a clear, organised attempt to have it deleted. Whatever your thought's about the McCann case, I believe this has a right to exist. I feel that most of its questions are honest and valid, and can and should be posed without prejudice, and that to this day, they remain unanswered.


TruthorLies26 | 7 de Outubro de 2007
Details about the misleading distances from the Tapas bar to the Mccanns apartment



xklamation | 20 de Março de 2008
Madeleine McCann, age 3, was left in her hotel room with her two-year-old twin siblings. The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children says that Neglect is when when parents or others looking after children do not provide them with proper food, warmth, shelter, clothing, care and protection, and that accidents are the leading cause of death for children. Did the McCanns keep their children safety in their mind at all times? What kind of parents leave three children with a combined age of seven alone every night while they go out to drink? Isn't it hypocritical and even preposterous that after failing their own children the McCanns publicly stated that they now seek to take up a career with children's charities (from their site: "we are working closely with the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the Centre for Child Exploitation and Online Protection and other non-governmental agencies throughout Europe") as figureheads?
An US Social Worker says the McCann's are Culpable for the disappearance of their daughter and for Neglect. Watch the video.


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