quinta-feira, 29 de julho de 2010

Uma gentil oferta....

A little information about the two Honey bees intent on destroying Goncalo Amaral.

The honey bee queens and workers represent one of the most striking examples of environmentally controlled phenotypic polymorphism. In spite of their identical, clonal nature at the DNA level they are strongly differentiated across a wide range of characteristics including anatomical and physiological differences, the longevity of the queen and reproductive capacity [5]. Queens constitute the sexual caste and have large active ovaries, whereas workers have only rudimental inactive ovaries and are functionally sterile. The queen/worker developmental divide is controlled epigenetically by differential feeding with royal jelly. A female larva destined to become a queen is fed large quantities of royal jelly that triggers a cascade of molecular events resulting in queen development [6]. It has been shown that this phenomenon is mediated by an epigenetic modification of DNA known as CpG methylation[7]. Silencing the expression of an enzyme that methylates DNA in newly hatched larvae led to a royal jelly-like effect on the larval developmental trajectory; the majority of individuals with reduced DNA methylation levels emerged as queens with fully developed ovaries. This finding suggests that DNA methylation in honey bees allows the expression of epigenetic information to be differentially altered by nutritional input.

It has come to my attention by mail ,for fear I would never tread in such a pool of lava the two Queen bees Rosiepops and Bonnie Braise who are so much alike it is hard to tell one from the other. It would appear these two women, one a thief and the other a lush have large over active ovaries, this would explain thier worker bees ( or lap dogs) who do their bidding for them by copying and pasting articles for the Queen Bee to destroy...and when she has destroyed, her lava pats her on the back.

The Two Queens and their lava followers seem intent on helping the Mccanns destroy Goncalo Amaral..why ,they do not know the man nor has he harmed them...has the Queen bees promised their lava a pecentage of the money the Mccanns hope to win.???I doubt this very much.

Then what is the point of the Pro Mccann hate sites...they have no interest in Madeleine or what happened to her they seem only interested in protecting the Mccanns and their lies and let there be no doubt the Mccanns are liars.

Goncalo Amaral is a moving target and yes he is hurting and wounded but he has not lost yet. How will you women so full of venom feel if you hear one day Goncalo has killed himself because of depression? Will you all jump up with glee and rejoice..the Same way Rosiepops did on hearing about the death of Amarals mother... if your answer to this question is yes, what kind of monsters are you?

Goncalo Amaral was doing his job and became suspicious of the parents, this is NORMAL in an investigation. Who are the Mccanns to tell a Police Dept they cannot place them under suspicion?

Who is Rosiepops to play a video tape on her blog telling of Amaral and a love affair..if Amaral had 50 affairs what has this to do with the death of Madeleine?

The Mccanns as you know have hired a PR team in Portugal to find dirt on Amaral..this is where the money is going ,not looking for their child.

I, as a blogger, have been sent copies of a lot of your venom from people who you believe are on your side...oh yes Bonnie and Rosie...there are spies in your camps...

If and when the opportunity arises I will stand up in a court of law and name the bloggers and show what they have written on their blogs...you may think you are safe but as you know the law can make Google reveal IP Numbers...

If Amaral loses his wife, children and home...will you be celebrating..if you see him crying in the street without shoes will you stop the poisin?

Or are you so full of evil intent you will just find another victim?

If Amaral goes down there are enough of us to make sure you go down with him...and NO this is not a threat, but a promise."



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