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Seja qual for o conteúdo do artigo....Madeleine......

100 razões para que não possa ser....................

The level of "sensationalist, tabloid reporting" of certain crimes in the UK is linked directly to media laws in this country. As all journalists know, once suspects are charged, a blanket ban comes into force until trial. Flouting this ban brings with it the risk of being in contempt of court.

Therefore the media will grab hold of any story where the suspect is either as yet unknown (the Suffolk murderer), known and on the run (the two recent mass shootings), or otherwise occurring outside the UK (the Knox case, Madeleine McCann).

The lesson is clear: for those seeking media notoriety, commit a gruesome crime and stay on the run as long as you can; for those wishing to remain anonymous – no matter how "sensational" the crime – hand yourself in straightaway.

Racismo,xenofobia,Express................Madeleine inocente!


Bigotry behind Express 'ethnics' splash
The Daily Express's failure to include caveats made clear in the study on the UK's future ethnic makeup is typical of the paper

Mehdi Hasan
guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 13 July 2010 16.30 BST
Article history : Bigotry behind Express 'ethnics' splash | Mehdi Hasan
This article was published on guardian.co.uk at 16.30 BST on Tuesday 13 July 2010. It was last modified at 11.01 BST on Wednesday 14 July 2010. ( para incluir a inocente?)

" I often envy the readers of the Daily Express. The rest of us have to make do with newspaper stories about the financial crisis, the recession, spending cuts, climate change and the rest of life's horrors. But Express readers are drip-fed a delightful diet of bizarre conspiracy theories surrounding Princess Diana's death, Madeleine McCann's disappearance, the looming Islamisation of Britain and the global warming "hoax". Meanwhile, the blame for most of the country's political, social and economic problems is laid firmly at the feet of illegal immigrants and burqa-clad Muslims.

Who needs "news", eh? Take today's Express front page. "One in five Britons will be ethnics," screams the headline. (On the Express website, by the way, Macer Hall's "story" is accompanied by a picture of – yep, you guessed it – two women in burqas. So now we've been warned what those dastardly ethnics will look like too. Thank God!)

Speaking as an "ethnic" – is that even a noun? – I can't say................ "
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