terça-feira, 20 de julho de 2010

Pequeno resumo......

O Casal Lyle e Marie McCann, quase octogenários, continua desaparecido.

Kyron Horman também. As notícias apenas giram à volta da disfuncional família , do dinheiro gasto na investigação=procura de K.?

Madeleine McCann: qualquer notícia, seja qual for o teor da mesma, inclui o Seu nome. Bom, e temos as acçções carterrukianas...



......... " In a survey of 1,000 kids four in 10 are banned from playing in their local park or play area without an adult because of their parents' fears. According to the last analysis by the Home Office, the chance your child will be snatched by a stranger is one in 200,000.
Nearly half of all abduction attempts fail - and half of the cases involve people already known to them, or family members.
Those most at risk (bearing in mind the above) are girls around the age of 10. Two thirds of victims are found within 24 hours.
Child abuse and murder Though it makes uncomfortable reading, studies show most sexual and physical abuse is carried out by someone in a child's family. And although there were 21,000 sex offences against kids recorded in England and Wales last year, just 18% were committed by complete strangers - that's 82% carried out by people they know..."........

Efemérides, segundo o:


" .......2008.- Los servicios de Seguridad serbios detienen a Radovan Karadzic, ex líder de los serbios de Bosnia y presunto criminal de guerra buscado por la justicia internacional.

.- La Fiscalía portuguesa archiva el caso Madeleine McCann, la niña británica desaparecida en 2007, y desestima la posibilidad de realizar nuevas investigaciones."
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