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Ora, aí está Gonçalo Amaral! Boa! Bravo!


Suspeito de triplo homicídio leva avanço de dois anos sobre a polícia

Gonçalo Amaral diz que a investigação a este caso já foi está afectada por causa de alguns procedimentos administrativos. O ex-coordenador da Polícia Judiciária considera que é preciso rever esses procedimentos no que se refere ao desaparecimento de adultos.

2010-07-22 13:25:37

" Alexandra, 18 months old.

........ After Joana and Madeleine McCann, this is the 3rd case of Children being presumed dead and where the bodies were never found.
The Investigators of the Judicial Police (PJ) of Portimão are doing everything for this story to have a different outcome."

( Obrigada,N.)

o 3º caso de Crianças....................

Michael Wright, a relative of the McCann family : I noted some disagreeable smells on a number of occasions which I judged to have come from the twins’ nappies. Discarded nappies were collected in rubbish bags and held until thrown into the rubbish bins, provoking smell. I have no knowledge of anything spilling from any article nor of any cleaning of the car after such a hypothetical spill. ( Maddies WAS in that car)........



Maybe it would be a good idea to get the best detective you have ever had, Goncalo Amaral to solve this case.

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Dani: Yes. I agree. P.J. de Portimão..... the third case! Seems they learned with ..... we know!

hug and all the best to You. Thanks.


Dani says:

July 24, 2010 at 4:39 pm

Hello Jerry, Your blog is going down very well on twitter and much respect to you. Possibly my comment will be sanctioned and if so understood.I also have no sympathy for Brown, it was under his watch Jaqui Smith and Gordon played mind games with the PJ…Jaqui sent the Rogatory letters back five times so the good doctors could not be interviewed by Leicester police. Gordon and Jaqui were with Leicester police the moment the Mccanns returned after being made arguidos.The Gaspar statement held back for six months by Leicester Police from PJ containing very disturbing information, information that may have been crucial to the investigation.Madeleine McCann deserves justice and Jaqui and Gordon meddled in a police investigation…thanks to them we will never know the truth. She was three years old jerry.Martin Brunt asked Gordon on live TV why he got involved..Gordon answered ‘Friends in Common’ I believe in Karma Jerry and what goes around comes around.Danielle.Reply

Jerry Hayes says:

July 24, 2010 at 5:18 pm
You would be amazed how many people have said that about GB!. Bit confused about the Mc Cann connection. Why would the Brit police want to interview them for something that happened in Portugal? Maybe its just me being dim. Thanks for your kind wordsReply

Dani says:
July 24, 2010 at 5:43 pm
Hello Jerry and many thanks for allowing my comment, my first time in posting to you. No, you are not dim at all and yes I would also like an answer to your question. Lets hope one day someone speaks out and the truth will be known, until then, my biggest question is WHY did Leicester police keep the Gaspar statement back..Have a good week.RegardsDanielle

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