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Kyron Horman.....

7/29/2010 10:00:00 PM
Editorial: Take measures to keep kids safe

The Daily Courier

Not a bush or tree or wood pile or potential trail has been spared in the search for young Sylar Newton, the 2-year-old who vanished from his family's campsite near Sedona this past Sunday.

Everyone had hoped for, if not a break in the case, at least some semblance of evidence of Sylar's whereabouts by now. The search has gone on around the clock with Yavapai County investigators, DPS and the FBI. And still, as of late Thursday, there is nary a sign of missing Sylar.

Family and friends of another missing boy, in Oregon, are coping with similar tragic circumstances as the search for 7-year-old Kyron Horman goes into a seventh week in a high-profile case that, too, has attracted national attention.

Both cases force us to look at the vulnerability of our most precious neighbors, especially with school starting up again in a couple weeks, when kids will be more active and on the go.

Consider that an average of 2,000 kids younger than 18 are reported missing in America each day, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which amounts to some 800,000 every year. The center advises numerous precautions for parents to take, including keeping a complete description of your child on hand, taking color photos of your child every six months, arranging with local law enforcement to have your child fingerprinted, and keeping a DNA sample from your child, possibly an old toothbrush, in a brown envelope licked closed by your child.

And even if your family is safe from the horror of a missing child, you can still help. The best way to help, according to the Center, is to view photographs of missing children and report any information. Both Sylar and Kyron are featured among the recently added photos.

Sylar is much more than official case number NCMC1152722. He has brown hair, green eyes, weighs 20 pounds and has a family desperate for any sign of him.

Please watch your kids.
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